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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Nerdy Twist

Hello World!

It feels good to be alive!

I have a little but of a lot to say to the world! This is the place to get an insight into the world of a black hippy trying to make life the best that it is or can be!

This is not a site about money and fake material possessions. This is a blog about life, reality, nature, objectivity and all that good ish!!!!

By the way, I am refining my ways in  many aspects. I don't want to swear or curse! It's bad for the soul!

I am an artist! I make music that I will be posting here from time to time!

I draw at times but you are not going to have the visual pleasure for a while!

At heart I am a writer! Like any aspiring artist I am the best at what i do!


HIPPYNATURE is a lifestyle, it is a way of living, loving, relating to the world around me.
I have evolved as a human being through growth and aging so-I am not a product of my environment but my environment is a product of me!

I am a hip hop artist but I draw inspiration from all sorts of music! 

My passion is creation!

I want a world of freedom! We all have to rise above our limitations and conquer our environments that way we can be true  individuals unaffected by the fake matrix!

This is a great place to chill and enrich or unwind your minds!

NerdsWithHerbs is my creation! A new page hosted by me: King KiaS, Prynce Nerdy!

love to live! Hippy nature!

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