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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Safest way to Love You

Words get thrown around like love!

I don't know what the appeal of failure is but we are all entitled to be the best force to offer this universe in which we exist!

If its all about love then there needs to be hate to create an equilibrium. Who knew that growing up is painful? IT SUCKS! Being all grown up is all I wanted when I was younger but now it isn't a thing!

This world is made for us to create and experience life in this dimension!

Love is what we got from God!/
A pawn should turn into a King so, we all equal!/
The bling thing don't really exist, life is without a limit/
I'm cruising at a mile a minute, sick of quitting, turning every gimmick into a lucrative business!/
I'm like a chemist when it comes to making a lovely impression, a menace when it comes to loving these bitches/
Never at all involved, deeply in need of a broad i can call my own, to sweeten the Don's heart!/
I care more for trust than love! The heart's the art! even if its in parts apart! 

                           -Prynce Nerdy-

Thursday, 13 June 2013

No Love Lost

I hope that you can comprehend, the common sense, fell in and outa love again/
The very end, no fairytales, my heart wont mend, wil not pretend!or make the same mistake again!/
I need a friend, or some gin, and some Henn! Or just just 2nude lesbians!/
I can never make amends, my heart-shape's bent!never-the-less, I feel blessed not perplexed!/
Painting my favourite times in my mind,trying to find the friction in the grind, its like I'm slipping every time!!/
But my hard Sparta life made me the hardened type! I could Spar all night and leave a scar from bights!/
I care too much to hate, love enough to give, and cry enough to live!/
I wanna blow and explode like a meteor!


Wednesday, 5 June 2013

A world of Good things isnt at all bad

There are many people in this world who live to make a change and I consider myself one of those people!

I live to make a change no matter how minute it may be!

The way that we affect one onother is the same way that the tides of life and change take place!

I speak as a person with a lot of concern for the people in the world around us and I want to see a lot of changes in the people and things around me! Forgive me if I am imperfect, this is my one and only time on this perfect Earth!

There are many things that I come across and I choose to act up or not!

There are things that affect my life in another realm in a vague sense that I can hardly understand. I remember last night when I was drifting into sleep, i had a lucid dream and i could feel some sort of energy. I could feel some force or power, something ever-present but so obvious that it is invisible to me in my waking hours. It feels rather spectacular!

I love lucid dreams!

I love Yoga!

I love to meditate!

Is that what Hippies do?

I have been off the trippy stick for a while now, it isn't right for me at this stage, it makes my brain dumb and slow i think less and feel more!

The raps:

Is it an Angel that kissed me and gave me some sticky?/
Felling shady and drifting to a place so amazing, im pacing, and chasing the cash like I'm racing, vaguely complacant, tryning to mould the world that we shaping, never fall for the masons but in God you can place me!/
Geographic tactics, a master when rapping, a savage attacking,atrracting a mansion thats lavish in standing, they deplete and they perish! I defeat they embarassed, i delete-
and they panic!