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Thursday, 1 August 2013


This is bliss...

Sometimes I think that my life is crap, I don't get all the things I want.
In most cases, I don't even know if I know whats right for me!

Curse missed opportunities!

I hate all the people and things that I have lost as a result of my ignorance. Every once in a while my eyes open up to see how far I have come! But am I doing the best that I can do?

At  some point, you get the picture and you see that Good isn't good enough! I am at the level where only the best level is acceptable!
You only have one shot in this life so there is  no reason to live below my dreams. Neither should you!

That is the point of my art! That is why I write, read and learn more each turn I take!

I need more that I have but less than too much!


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