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Thursday, 13 June 2013

No Love Lost

I hope that you can comprehend, the common sense, fell in and outa love again/
The very end, no fairytales, my heart wont mend, wil not pretend!or make the same mistake again!/
I need a friend, or some gin, and some Henn! Or just just 2nude lesbians!/
I can never make amends, my heart-shape's bent!never-the-less, I feel blessed not perplexed!/
Painting my favourite times in my mind,trying to find the friction in the grind, its like I'm slipping every time!!/
But my hard Sparta life made me the hardened type! I could Spar all night and leave a scar from bights!/
I care too much to hate, love enough to give, and cry enough to live!/
I wanna blow and explode like a meteor!


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